Dean Reilly

Artwork on display at Gallery Beneath

Selected Artwork Previously Sold at Gallery Beneath

A classically trained artist and graduate of the Australian Design College, Dean Reilly is emerging as one of Australia’s newest and brightest stars.
Already he has captured the attention of collectors both here and overseas.
His works are strongly influenced by period works including surrealism, cubism and pop art. Highly acclaimed for their style, design and variation, his commitment to quality is outstanding and his constant search for the epic theme has an enduring presence.
The work is harmonious yet conflicting, a cacophony of colour and texture that appears to be thrown at the canvas. It captures intangibles but also represents reality. Always there is an underlying element of beauty – be it vivid colour, form, pattern or reflection of light

To quote the artist”there is a fine line between what is beautiful and that which is grotesque, to coin a well worn phrase, ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’. However when exploring beauty, the journey can often deliver surprising outcomes”.

There is little doubt with those who have experienced his work; Dean Reilly is destined to become one of the great Australian modern abstracts/symbolists.
His works have been shown in the New South Wales Art Gallery, New South Wales State Library, The German Embassy and many prestigious private collections.

2010 Finalist, ‘Archibald Prize’ Art Gallery of New South Wales
2010 Finalist   Doug Moran Prize Art Gallery of New South Wales    
2011 Finalist   Doug Moran Prize Art Gallery of New South Wales