Georgina Hart

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Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness’
Happiness in life is someone to love, something to hope for and sometimes to dream. This is where Georgina Hart draws much of her inspiration, which she is keen to convey to her audience.
Born and raised in Adelaide, Georgina studied fine and commercial art. From a very early age she has been drawing and making things. Her entire spare time at school was spent in the art room creating. Georgina feels that her earliest lesson from art school days was to “paint and draw what you feel” and this is evident in her highly distinctive and individual style.
Georgina describes her style as ever evolving and seeks to express in her paintings the joys of love, friendship and happiness with compositions celebrating the simple things in life. Each painting tells it’s own story and is often experiences that have touched her life. Each one is painted with a spontaneous passionate exaggeration and is a feast of visual stimulation and riotous fun capitulating the viewer into the world within.
Her signature pieces are works of strong images and rhythmic designs set against a backdrop of rich colour. Her paintings possess a dream-like quality and are a sensual feast of colour and charmingly expressionistic. She believes the arrangement of colour is as important as a paintings subject matter to communicate meaning. She avoids detail, instead uses bright colour and strong lines to create a sense of movement.
The immense appeal of Georgina’s visual narratives resides in her unique whimsical style.“It is my passion for life, beauty of nature and life’s precious moments that are a constant source of inspiration which I hope to convey through a sense of tenderness and emotion in my works. My goal as an artist is to bring these qualities together into one experience for the viewer.”
Georgina has exhibited her paintings widely since 2002, has secured gallery representation across Australia, Hong Kong, France and Portugal. She has work hanging in Parliament House, Canberra and now enjoys highly successful exhibitions with her paintings gaining ever increasing popularity with art collectors.
In 2012 she was selected to have a range of Limited Edition Prints on the P & O ships.
The Hesketh Wine Company in South Australia has purchased artworks since 2008 to use on their wine labels