Kaya Sulc

Artwork on display at Gallery Beneath

Kaya Sulc was born in the Czech Republic and moved to Australia in 1951. From 1960-1963 he studied at The National Art School in Sydney. He currently lives and works in Cooroy, Queensland. His signature copper sculptures and vibrant paintings exhibit a fascination with the human form. Sulc has been the recipient of many awards and is represented in private collections in Australia, Japan, Canada, Singapore, Germany, New Zealand and Switzerland

Artist's Statement 'The human figure fascinates me both as a source of complex shapes and forms and as a subject of great evocative power. In my sculpture I like to push and pull and twist and distort my figures in order to make them speak. I simplify and exaggerate to accentuate the significant forms within the human figure, to reveal the underlying abstract structure. However, my figures always remain firmly based on reality, I want them to look real in an unrealistic way; distorted, contorted, but 'possible', capable of life, and as such, reflecting real life in their un-realness, their ambiguity, contradiction and even absurdity. The theme of the pair, the couple, joined or separated and searching, is running through my work, the dialogue between male and the female hopefully touching on some telling points. My sculptures are constructed from beaten and welded copper with the joins in the metal accentuated to contradict the realism of the figure. Similarly, while I like the natural surface of the copper, with its aged patina evocative of ancient cultures, often I introduce some harsh colour contrast to create a feeling of tension and discord.'

Prizes & Awards

2004 First Prize Sculpture, Caloundra Art Festival  ‘The Burden’

2002 First Prize Sculpture, Caloundra Art Festival

1999 First Prize  Queensland Performing Arts Centre, Brisbane

1996 Highly Commended Sculpture, Caloundra Art Festival

1995 Highly Commended Sculpture, Gold Coast Sculpture Award

1994 First Prize, Gold Coast Sculpture Award

1992 Highly Commended, Gold Coast Sculpture Award

1991 First Prize, Gold Coast Sculpture Award.  

        Sulman Prize, Art Gallery of New South Wales

Solo Exhibitions


2012 Bruce Watling Galleries, Brisbane

2009 The Cooper Gallery Noosa

2008 Bruce Watling Galleries, Brisbane

2007 Bruce Watling Galleries, Brisbane

2006 Bruce Watling Galleries, Brisbane

1998 Bruce Watling Galleries, Gold Coast

1995 Dalby Regional Gallery

1995 Andrew Vincent Gallery, Brisbane

1994 Mc Whirters Art Space, Brisbane

1991 Noosa Regional Gallery Group Exhibitions

1999 Steel Reid Gallery, Brisbane Dramatic Moments Queensland Performing Arts Centre, Brisbane

1998 Taking Shape Cooloola Shire Public Gallery

1997 Bruce Watling Galleries, Gold Coast

1996 Noosa Regional Art Gallery

1995 Sculpture Satellite Project, Brisbane

1994 Sculpture Satellite Project, Brisbane

        Stanthorpe Art Festival, Stanthorpe Sculpture,

        Noosa Regional Art Gallery

1991 10th Anniversary, Noosa Regional Art Gallery

1990 Stanthorpe Arts Festival, Stanthorpe

1989 Glen Galleries, Noosa

1988 Noosa Regional Art Gallery


Collections & Commissions

Private Collections: Australia, Japan, Canada, Singapore, Germany, Switzerland, New Zealand.