Lyne Marshall

Artwork on display at Gallery Beneath

Selected Artwork Previously Sold at Gallery Beneath

Lyne Marshall is a full time contemporary landscape artist who has exhibited and sold extensively in Australia and overseas. She does not paint landscape in the traditional sense, but paints the feeling and spiritual essence a place evokes.


‘As an artist my focus is the wilderness and the way things erode and become the underlying structure. I look at patterns in nature, the way nature puts it together right. Where ever I paint its where I’ve been. I hope that if you stand in front of one of my paintings you feel like you’re there and can enjoy the sense of standing out in the wilderness. It healing in that it’s creating a sense of peace within the turmoil of everyday living.’




2011 MASTERS NLP Christopher Howard Industries
2002 GRADUATE DIPLOMA Further Education in Arts USQ Toowoomba
1994 BACHELOR DEGREE Visual Arts U.S.Q Toowoomba
1979 & 1982 REGISTERED NURSE General and Psychiatric
Current – FLYING ARTS Inc Accredited Member



History of exhibiting since 1989 -Exhibitions prior to 2004 are not included

2017 Feather and Lawry Toowoomba Qld Arial exhibition 24th August – 8th September
2017 Ipswich Art Gallery Qld,  RE:Location exhibition 21st August – 16th October
2017 Book Launch and Studio exhibition Tallegalla 6th and 7th May
2017  Manning Regional Gallery Taree NSW,  RE:Location exhibition 2 March-2 April
2015 Arts Council Gallery Teneriffe Qld, – Journey into the Wilderness-March/April
2014 NEO GALLERY Mt Coolum Qld – Where Waters Meet -April
2013 Hervey Bay Regional Gallery Qld Hidden Dimensions September – October
2013 NEO GALLERY Mt Coolum Qld Sands of Time 1st July – 31st August
2013 Tablelands Regional Gallery Qld, Hidden Dimensions 10th May -2nd June
2013 Noosa Regional Gallery Hidden Dimensions 12th April -26th May
2013 NEO GALLERY Mt Coolum exhibition May – June, Brisbane Art Fair – July
2012 Gympie Regional Gallery Qld, Hidden Dimensions Sept – Oct
2012 Art Brisbane Qld, June with NEO GALLERY
2012 Stanthorpe Regional Gallery Qld, Hidden Dimensions July – Aug, 2011
2011 Toowoomba Regional Gallery Hidden Dimensions 11th Oct – 6th November
2011 Neo Gallery Ann St Fortitude Valley Qld, Birds Eye View 1st – 30th April
2010 JPFA Hampton Melbourne Vic, Wilderness Tracts April 15th – 25th
2010 Gallery 2120 Brisbane Qld, –Underlying Reality February 25th – 13th March
2009 Ipswich Art Gallery Qld,  C. S Energy Gallery Underlying Reality Sept- Nov
2007 RM Galleries Brisbane Qld, Earth Matters August
2007 Bundaberg Arts Centre Qld, Dichotomy July
2007 Ipswich Art Gallery Qld, exhibition / Book launch Gleaner or Gladiator
2006 Shanghai International Art Fair, Austrade Pavillion, November
2006 Ipswich Old Flour Mill Gallery Qld, Sub Rosa February
2005 Logan Art Gallery Dichotomy August
2004 Skepsi on Swanson Carlton Melbourne Vic, Guest Artist
2004 Beatty Gallery Darlinghurst Sydney NSW Plantings June
2003 Shanghai Art Salon CHINA September
2003 Ipswich Art Gallery Spotlight Gallery Qld, Take a Walk under my Skies March
2003 Fox Galleries Dichotomy Brisbane Qld, exhibition and book launch April



[Exhibitions prior to 2003 are not included]

2017 Aspire Gallery Paddington Qld, Support artist for Judy Hamilton
2017 Heritage Wine Art Exhibition Tamborine Mountain  Qld
2016 Feather and Lawry Toowoomba All I want for Christmas November / December
2016 Redlands Art Charity Event 19th November
2016 St Sebastian Art Exhibition 21st – 23rd October 2016
2016- 2015- 2104- 2012 – 2011 – Downlands Art Show Toowoomba Qld
2016 Brisbane Boys Grammar School Art Exhibition [ also 2015]
2016 Aspire Gallery Brisbane Qld, Regeneration March
2016 Ipswich Art Gallery Qld, People – Place 5th – 23rd January
2015 Life Art Worldwide Art Expo LightRoom Brisbane Qld
2015 Royal Brisbane Womens Hospital Qld, Art Space –  Artists Collective July
2014 Pine Rivers Art Gallery Qld, Flights of Fancy 5th Dec- 24th January
2014 Noosa Regional Gallery Qld, Art Award
2014 NEOGALLERY Coolum Qld, 10th Anniversary Exhibition July – August
2013 NEO GALLERY Asia Contemporary Art Show HONG KONG 23rd – 26th May
2012 NEO GALLERY Coolum Qld, Christmas exhibition Nov/ Dec /January
2012 Trevor Victor Harvey Gallery Sydney NSW  Twelve Days of Christmas December
2012 Gladstone Regional Galleries Qld, Martin Hansen Art Awards
2012 St Sebastian’s Yeronga Qld, Spring Art School Show September
2012 Flying Arts Award Brisbane Qld, pre selected / selected to Travel 2013
2012 Stanthorpe Arts Festival Art Award / Winton Waltzing Matilda Outback Prize May
2012 Moreton Bay Art Awards Qld, – short listed
2012 Ipswich Hospice Qld, Auction March
2012 Naked Arts Gallery Ipswich, Qld  Guest artist Jan – Feb
2012 TVH Gallery Sydney NSW, – Mixed exhibition
2011 Art 2 Muse Sydney NSW  – Mixed Exhibition
2011 Prometheus Art Award, Ormiston Qld,- shortlisted
2011 Art to Muse Mixed Exhibition Sydney NSW
2011 Moreton Regional Art Awards, Pine Rivers Gallery Qld, – shortlisted
2011 Art from the Heart Riverside Brisbane Qld,
2011 Gladstone Regional Galleries Martin Hansen Art Awards – Short listed
2010 Switch Contemporary Artists Qld, Changing Perceptions Ipswich
2010 Art Sydney NSW – Art Clique
2010 Norville Landscape Art prize NSW – shortlisted
2009 Art Melbourne Vic – Art Clique April
2009 Brisbane City Qld, Zen Art Project Exhibition Space June
2009 Manyung Gallery Melbourne August
2009 Art Sydney NSW Art Clique October
2009 Pine Rivers Gallery Qld, Group Exhibition November
2009 Winton Qld, Shortlisted -Spirit of the Outback Art Prize
2009  Pine Rivers Gallery Qld, Moreton Regional Art Awards  November
2008 Metro Arts Brisbane Qld, Clayton Utz Travelling Scholarship Prize  -Shortlisted
2008 Tom Dunne Gallery Sydney NSW September
2008 Pine Rivers Art Award – Selected artist
2008 Ransom Gallery Eumundi Qld September
2008 Downlands Art Show Toowoomba Qld
2008 Art Melbourne Vic, Art Clique Gallery April
2008 Art Brisbane Qld, Art Clique Gallery May –
2008 Art Sydney NSW Art clique Gallery October
2007 Gallery O Perth WA, Salt of the Earth February
2007 Flying Arts Award at Toowoomba Art Gallery & Metro Arts Brisbane Qld
2007 Art Melbourne Vic, Art Clique Gallery April
2006 Art Sydney NSW Art Clique Gallery October
2006 Art Melbourne Vic,  Art Clique Gallery April
2006 Galerie Zuger, Santa Fe USA  -mixed exhibition
2006 Infusion Gallery, Los Angeles USA -mixed exhibition
2006 Art Melbourne Vic, Art Clique Gallery April
2006 Art Sydney NSW, Art Clique Gallery October
2005 Ipswich Regional Art Gallery Qld, Women of Ipswich Exhibition –
2005 Brisbane Art Fair Qld,  Art Clique Gallery November
2005 Tattersall’s $20000 Landscape Art Award Qld- pre selected
2005 Brisbane Riverside Center  Qld, Abused Child Trust art exhibition-
2005 Brisbane Work for the Blues- Brushstrokes Riverside
2004 Melbourne Affordable Art Show Vic, – Gallery 482
2004 Toowoomba Downlands College Art Show Qld