Maree Davidson

Artwork on display at Gallery Beneath

Selected Artwork Previously Sold at Gallery Beneath

Maree Davidson is a full-time professional artist living in Brisbane. 

Widely known for her distinctive animal characters, Maree’s unique style is instantly recognisable by those familiar with her work. Her Diploma in cartooning, caricature and animation combined with her fine art training has resulted in her distinctive humorous happy animal art. Animals have always been present in her work, but her fascination with "the humanity of the animal" has become more prevalent within the last five years. 

It can take weeks, sometimes months for her to complete a painting. Each piece has a purpose and is an exploration of a theme close to Maree’s heart. Her trademark is heavily worked canvases, multi-layered, bright and colourful. These works are a visual celebration of life. Maree’s paintings have the power to make your day, with art that makes you smile.

Maree’s artwork is highly sought after locally and globally