Meloney Steyl

Artwork on display at Gallery Beneath

Selected Artwork Previously Sold at Gallery Beneath

Meloney was born in Zimbabwe, and grew up in South Africa, before she and her family made Australia home in 2003. This African influence merges with the Australian in her, and the result is an ethnic African-Australian hand. She particularly enjoys painting highly intricate, close-focus landscapes, and still life scenes where moderation and simplicity are celebrated.

Meloney qualified as an accountant, served articles with KPMG, and eventually launched her own accounting practise, which she says satisfied many practical requirements, but didn't satisfy her soul. She embarked on a journey forward in faith, and emergence as an artist and author is the result - and has been her focus since 2000. She now declares, "Art is who I am. It's not what I do, it's who I am. I didn't choose it - it chose me. Woven into the deepest fibre of my being is creativity that just has to find its place in this world. It is what I was born to be." She goes on to say, "By drawing on the art in nature, I tap into the Glory of Creation, which is the most powerful, creative, artistically skilled force imaginable! The River flows, and I simply step in, and glean His overflow. Grace Cossington-Smith said, "Art is about ‘whatsoever things are lovely,' at the same time expressing things unseen - the golden thread running through time." It is my prayer that my work will pick up this golden thread and run with it, that it will speak life, truth and hope into present and future generations, and that it will play some small part in the healing and restoration of souls."

Meloney has written two books, is busy on a third, and uses every opportunity to submit articles to the media. She has addressed radio audiences and shared the passion and vision behind her art, and does inspirational presentations using her art and life's journey to encourage people to reach out in faith, grab hold of life, and follow their dreams and passions.

Her art has been exhibited in South Africa, Botswana and Australia, and is held in private and corporate collections in these countries, as well as in America and Great Britain.