Palla Jeroff

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Palla Jeroff was born in Urmchi, Western China in 1957 from Russian parentage.From the age of 17 he studied art for seven years to perfect his understanding of style, technique, and inspiration. After his graduation, he was appointed Art Professorat Xinjiang University in China. Palla Jeroff immigrated to Australia in the early 1980’s to take advantage of the freedom of this land and its spirit. His talent allows him to express this feeling through oils, acrylics and watercolours.

Since 1982 his work has been represented in exhibitions both here in Australia and worldwide including China, Germany, United States and France. In 1985 he had a one-man watercolour show at Xinjiang University in China; in 1987 his oil paintings were exhibited at the Hong Kong Art Centre. During this time he won First Prize in the China National Watercolour Exhibition. He is now represented in the National Collection of China.

Following a highly successful exhibition in 1998, at the acclaimed Guangzhou International Art Exposition, Principals from the Guangdong Museum of Art visited Sydney to choose one of Palla's works to hang permanently in the Museum's private collection - one of the most prestigious art collections in the world.

Palla's expressionist paintings capture the spirit of the Australian scenery and its people in a unique and authentic way. They have won world-wide acclaim for successfully portraying the Australian culture. He has been invited to exhibit throughout the world creating an amazing demand for his works.