Tara Spicer

Artwork on display at Gallery Beneath

Selected Artwork Previously Sold at Gallery Beneath

Tara’s work has been described as feminine and whimsical.
Initially a self taught artist, Tara has had a life long passion for art and poetry.
Through her work she aims to inspire us and to remind us of the magic that we each hold within.

Strong colours, romantic ideals and the odd splash of humour are Tara’s own unique signature style, Each original work of Tara’s will bring a burst of life to any space, work or home and will always leave you feeling great

In the artists own words - "All that is in this life, will blossom and bloom in the light of love".
I believe that this idea is absolutely true and I endeavour through my art to inspire you to find the love you have for yourself and for all who cross your path

2011 - Finalist in Lethbridge 10000 National Art Award
2010 - Finalist in Lethbridge 10000 National Art Award