Warren Salter

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Born in 1958 in Smithton, North-West Tasmania, Warren displayed artistic talent at an early age. It was here that he won his first Art Prize in grade one at the tender age of 6. 

College found him under the teaching of renowned artist Geoff Dyer, who would take selected students interstate to the National Galleries to see works by artists like Streeton, Roberts, Van Gough and Picasso. 

Warren entered the graphic art industry and spent many years in the designing and sign-making field. Moving to Queensland in 1994, Warren eventually became a full-time artist where his obvious talent, his unique use of colour and his graphic training produced very exciting results on canvas. Being a passionate lover of colour, it seemed natural for Warren to choose flowers as his vehicle to express this flamboyant flair and his repertoire has expanded to include fun filled figurative paintings of children and clowns “My ideas and inspiration come from a connectedness with nature. Musically speaking, painting, for me, is akin to playing an instrument where one applies to it something of one’s self so that the viewer, or listener, connects with the piece almost subliminally.”

Musical overtones can often be found within Warren’s work as he draws upon music for much of his inspiration. Warren believes the two art forms are very similar in many ways and the positive experience he has had with music gives him the clarity to strive for excellence with every brush.stroke. As Warren has grown as an artist, his imaginative boldness, use of paint and text, together with coloured filters, have made his work into a celebration of colour. 

Warren’s remarkable talent and broad appeal brought him to the attention of Mr Trevor Harvey the Director of Trevor Victor Harvey Gallery. Warren’s first solo exhibition with TVH Gallery in 2002 achieved critical acclaim in Sydney and he has not looked back.