Anthony Breslin

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Anthony Breslin is at the forefront of the exciting new generation of Australian artists that have emerged from the late nineties. Highly acclaimed, his use of mixed media in a vibrant, over-the-top application brushes away many of the old cobwebs that were once part and parcel of the Australian art scene. Darts, pencil sharpeners, train tracks, balls, toothpaste tubes, jigsaw pieces, and myriad other objects simultaneously meld together and leap out from Breslin's canvases demanding immediate attention.

Breslin's recent sell-out shows in Sydney, the Gold Coast and the Melbourne and Sydney Art Fairs for the last two years achieved a cult-like following with all walks of art lovers from young children to serious art aficionados. Though his creative forays into theatre, design, film and music video have seen his work win numerous awards (ARIA in 2003 for Best video clip to name but one), Breslin's fundamental passion is painting. Here his innermost visions are colour-saturated and object-laden onto large canvases, resulting in bizarre fantasy-world abstracts, whimsical bugs and commanding off-beat heads.

1999 Bachelor of Fine Art, RMIT University, Melbourne
1997 American Art lecture series, RMIT, New York, USA
1995 Workshops in Shona Sculpture, Stone Heritage Gallery, Harare, Zimbabwe
1993 Performing Shakespeare, Beverley Philips Tuition, Melbourne
1992 Acting for Camera, Armstrong Production, Melbourne
1992 Design, Performance, Music, Oxford Children’s Theatre, Box Hill
1985 T.O.P Art & Design, Huntingdale Technical College
2007 Oct- Jan 08 Point b studios Williamsburg, New York
Solo exhibitions
2008 Nov “Anthony Breslin in Switzerland” UBS Bubenbergplatz Bern Switzerland
2008 May “Anthony Breslin at Art Brisbane” Brisbane convention centre. Qld. Aust.
2008 Apr “Anthony Breslin at Art Melbourne” Exhibiton buildings, Melb Aust.
2007 Aug “Anthony Breslin returns” --Solo show at Art gallery collections, Qld, Aust.
2007 Jun “I miss the Lighthouse too!” Delshan Gallery, Armadale, Melb. Aust.
2007 Apr “Anthony Breslin at Art Melbourne, Art Gallery collections stand. Exhib Build. Melb.
2007 Mar “Anthony Breslin” Trevor Victor Harvey Fine Art, Seaforth Sydney.
2006 Nov “Trybe” the exhibition! Victoria Gallery, Docklands, Melb. Aust.
2006 Oct “Anthony Breslin at Manyung” Manyung Gallery Mt Eliza, Vic. Aust.
2006 Jun “Anthony Breslin Exclusive exhibition” Art Gallery Collections Coll. Surfers P. QLD.
2006 Apr “Anthony Breslin at Art Melbourne” featured by Art Gallery Coll, Gold Coast, Aust.
2006 Mar “Anthony Breslin” Trevor Victor Harvey fine art, Seaforth, Sydney.
2006 Jan “Art for Everyone, life for all” A live exhibition, Myers Bourke St windows, Melb.
2005 Nov “Operatica” The new Gullotti Gallery Perth, W.A.
2005 Nov “Anthony Breslin at the Brisbane art fair” solo with Art Gallery col. Qld.
2005 Sep “New Works” Gallery TenEleven, Armadale, Melbourne.
2005 Aug Featured at “Art Sydney” by Art Gallery Collections-Gold Coast.
2005 July “Eclectica P1” Le Siants Galerie, Prague, Czech Republic.
2005 July “Eclectica P2” Le Siants Galerie, Barcelona, Spain.
2005 Apr “Anthony Breslin at the Affordable Art Fair” Melb. Exhib. Buildings.
2005 Feb “The Bug Series” St-Kilda Writers Festival, St-Kilda Town hall, Melb.
2005 Feb “Troubadour” Manyung Gallery, Mount Eliza, Victoria, Australia.
2004 Oct “Frantic Bloom 2” Zurich International Art Fair, Switzerland.
2004 Oct “Frantic Bloom” Gallery TenEleven, Armadale, Melbourne.
2004 Apr “Pablo” Yarra sculpture gallery, Abbotsford. Melbourne.
2004 Apr “Anthony Breslin at the Affordable Art Fair” Melbourne Exhibition buildings.