Judith Dalozzo

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Born in Adelaide in 1971, Judith’s childhood consisted of bohemian treks around Australia with her parents; “The stark light and vivid colours of nature were my initial inspirations” she contemplates. Judith inherited her parent’s talent for fine art and cultivated her interest with further travels to the United States, Canada and Europe. 

Judith was offered three major scholarships before she finished High School. The first, to the “Academy of Fine Arts” in Chicago, the others in Rome and the “Ecole Des Beaux Arts” in Mons, Belgium where she accepted the scholarship along with a five year living grant, an enormous privilege for an up and coming artist from Australia. 

After 5 years study overseas, she returned to live and work in Australia. Judith lives in Queensland painting for at least one major exhibition a year since 1991. Judith’s work has attracted favourable comment from art enthusiasts and investors throughout Australia, New Caledonia, New Zealand, USA and Europe. 

Judith’s primarily focuses on subjects such as still life oil paintings on canvas and ink nude drawings on paper. Judith has a talent for exceptional use of subject matter, composition and colour merging. Her work exudes a quality of freshness, youth and vitality. She also has an innate talent for being able to harmonize the traditional with the modern. Her talents aren’t just restricted to canvas, discovering her versatility in ceramic and sculpture, has proved she excels in all mediums.