Judith Laws

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The noted artist, Judith Laws is well known for her vibrant and exciting paintings. This extremely innovative artist has emerged as one of our best exponents of contemporary art.

Judith Laws bases her art on nature, but more as a point of departure into a sensuous world of exuberant and luscious colour. Inspiration comes from her years of travel both in Australia and overseas. The escarpments and waterways of Kakadu, a bejewelled marine world and golden beaches, orange and red deserts blossoming after rain, tracks and meandering rivers, glimpses of the coastal hinterland with its forests and pools, and glowing nudes, - are all part of her world of colour. Recent travels to Morocco and Greece have given her new inspiration, Morocco with its arches and souks, coloured and decorative and Greece of the Agean blues.

Judith has had 33 solo exhibitions and over 40 combined exhibitions in London, Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Darwin, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast and many urban and country areas of Australia since 1979. Her work is represented in corporate and private collections in Australia, Canada, USA, England, France and Japan

"Looking at a Judith Laws painting is like looking into the fiery heart of Queensland opal". - Kate Collins (Sunday Mail)