Justin Caleo

Artwork on display at Gallery Beneath

Selected Artwork Previously Sold at Gallery Beneath

I am Sydney born, aged 41, and have devoted the last ten years to being a full-time artist. In my earlier career I was a fully qualified accountant. I have been painting on and off from the age of thirteen as I was greatly influenced by my grandfather who was also an artist. I am mostly self-taught by devoting a number of years to reproducing and studying old master paintings and drawings from various schools of thought. I have also attended a number of workshops at the Julian Ashton Art School and the Royal Art Society of NSW.

Oil paint on canvas is my preferred medium but I also do work in other mediums including pencil, ink and acrylic.  I am currently concentrating on Australian landscape.

The Bondi theme is something I am very interested in at present. With the beach paintings, my first aim is to depict the busy activity that can occur on the beach. I tend to paint Bondi or have Bondi in mind whilst painting as it can be one of the most crowded beaches in Sydney. I used to live in the area and have a fascination with that particular beach. I also enjoy depicting the many stories that go on within those crowds, that is, the families, the lovers, and groups of friends. I am also attracted to the different items that people bring with them and the colourful patterns of the beach towels, swimming costumes, clothes and umbrellas.