Robyn Collier

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ROBYN COLLIER is a painter in the realist tradition and is regarded as one of Australia 's finest wilderness artists. Her work is highly sought after for corporate and private collections alike both within Australia and worldwide.
Renowned for her portrayal of remote places, Robyn treks, flies, drives and even abseils into many of them. More frequently, Robyn has been concentrating on World Heritage areas within Australia , searching for the hidden gems that make her paintings so unique. The trademark of all her paintings is the spectacular light that few artists seem able to achieve.
She has held over 30 exhibitions, has won multi awards. She has published many articles on painting and appeared in print, calendars and cards. Robyn's philosophy is simple – to reflect the awesome beauty of nature in her paintings. Enjoy the striking realism of Australia 's wild places on canvas – you won't be disappointed!
Private & Corporate collections worldwide including Japan , Germany , USA , Canada
Penrith A.H.&I Collection Advisor to President Bush
Sydney Water Sydney Ports
Barclays Bank Penrith City Council
P&O Resorts Neville Wran –Premiers Office
Japanese Consul Societe Generale –French Bank
Prime Minister Haughey – Ireland P&O Australia
Great Southern Railways – Indian Pacific Nikki Lauder Collection
Cambridge University U.K.