Vaughan Robinson

Artwork on display at Gallery Beneath

Selected Artwork Previously Sold at Gallery Beneath

I am an engineer by profession but my passion is in creating art and copper is the medium of my choice.

I have successfully been creating art pieces fulltime, for the past thirty years. I am fascinated, passionate and inspired by nature in all its glory. The sea is especially attractive to me and I strive to reflect this in my work. I capture dynamic movement frozen in time creating exciting and dramatic compositions. This love of nature and life is hopefully reflected in my artwork.

Copper as a medium is a soft, warm and a pliable metal that allows me to manipulate, beat and form my shapes with ease. Textures are created by many techniques learnt over the years. I also use multiple thicknesses of copper tube, sheets, drawn metal, thin wires and bold plates for contrast.

Colouring of my artwork comes from the natural process of oxidization that takes place with copper. I create multiple colours from age old recipes. These solutions react with the copper and speed up the aging process giving the final unique verdigris colour. The tonal patinas bring all the elements of the art piece to life. The artwork is then sealed with clear acrylic automotive lacquer. This secures the patina to the metal and makes it weatherproof