Wolfgang Lammle

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A lifetime working as a professional painter shows in the quality of work by senior artist Wolfgang Lammle. Painting in a sophisticated, impressionistic style Wolfgang presents us with scenes of French chateaux, geranium filled cafes and sun drenched courtyards, affording us a welcome glimpse of exotic locations. The artist's use of light and shadow, his mastery of brushstrokes make these paintings things of beauty

Born in Stuttgart, Germany in 1941, Wolfgang Laemmle sold his first oil painting at the age of twelve. Encouraged by his father, he completed his formal education and trained as a printer.

Art became his full time profession when he founded the Open-Art-Gallery in 1964. In 1976 he opened his own gallery in the castle "Kastenscheuer". Two years later he won the Robert-Bosch-Foundation Scholarship to study art in Barbizon, France.

In 1988, Wolfgang migrated to France and opened a gallery and art school in his picturesque chateau "Les Ormeaux". Several successful and emerging artists pride themselves on being educated by Wolfgang who is well known in Europe as the "Painter of the Light" and "The next great Impressionist."

During his career, Wolfgang has had many successful exhibitions in Germany, France and Switzerland and has enjoyed the patronage of many famous people including the Count Rothschild.

Wolfgang has published several books and has appeared in many television shows. His paintings are represented in the Museum of Arts in Stuttgart, Germany and can be found in galleries and private collections worldwide.

In 2007, Wolfgang migrated to Australia and now lives on acreage in the hinterland of Cooroy