Zygmunt Libucha

Artwork on display at Gallery Beneath

Selected Artwork Previously Sold at Gallery Beneath

If my parents had had their way I would have been an engineer. Although I studied Electrical Sciences in my native Poland, I never completed my degree. I was yearning to learn a craft, to shape things with my hands. So, instead of fulfilling a parental ambition I became a silversmith. As Gdansk has a fine tradition in gold and silversmithery it was not too hard to find a silversmith to take me in. After three years of apprenticeship in Gdansk's leading workshop I passed my journeyman exam and shortly after I got my Master's Certificate. At the same time I was spending my evenings in a sculptor's studio next to my silver smithing workshop carving in wood and later creating sculptures in bronze. In 1982 I migrated to Australia. The richness and beauty of Australian fauna and flora boosted my creativity profoundly and I became well known as a creator of many designs depicting Australian animals and flowers. From the beginning I was selling my works through Seasons Gallery in North Sydney, Beaver Gallery in Canberra and Maker's Mark in Melbourne. While living in Sydney I attended workshops with well-known sculptor John Gardner and made works mainly in bronze. Shortly after my move to Brisbane in 1988 I started to work in stone and operate now from my studio in Brisbane. Apart from bronze, I work in marble, granite, sandstone; and black Chillago marble is my favourite stone. In 1997 I stopped working as a silversmith and now I work as a full time sculptor. Working for many years as a silversmith I developed a great need for details and even now when I sculpt on a large scale I cannot divorce myself from it. Although the amount of time I spend on each sculpture increases enormously, the more it takes the better. I guess, I want to enjoy every piece of stone as long as possible. I love to carve in marble the most intricate and crisp lines and unforgiveness of stone makes it more challenging. I create both figurative and abstract works and there are always several of them in my studio to appreciate. Solo exhibitions: 2003, Charles Ginn Gallery, Brisbane 2000, Soho Gallery, Sydney 1999, Campbell Mahony Art Space, Brisbane 1997, Art and Design Gallery, Brisbane Joint exhibitions: 2001, Trevenan House Gallery, Brisbane 2001, North Sydney Fine Arts, Sydney 2000, Trevenan House Gallery, Brisbane 2000, Lancaster Gables, Brisbane 2000, Trevenan House Gallery, Brisbane 1998, Seasons Gallery, Sydney Workshops attended: 1985, Lost Wax Casting with John Gardener, Sydney 1980, Granite Sculpting with Z. Kepski, Gdansk